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Create your own bespoke Grazing Table for your Event

So Much Love

There's so much to love

Why not choose Grazing Table for your next party?

We source all our ingredients locally and deal only with established Butchers, Fruiterers and Cheesemongers. Listening and understanding your needs is our priority!

Don't just trust what we say, listen to our many satisfied customers.

1) Brand new foodie concept to the UK

Grazing table style is very new to UK entertaining catering. We have seen enough same buffet tables missing creativity. Beside of WOW effect Grazing table offers irresistible spread of artisan cheeses, home baked crackers and chutney. Delicious charcuterie, fresh and dry fruit and veg with dips and olives. It will be talking point of your event.

2) Food Art 

Our Grazing table, platers and boxes are unique piece of art which can not to be duplicated. That makes every table original.

3)   Enjoyment what will last for hours

Every Grazing table is designed in way to allow your guests to graze for 2 to 3 hours. Every foodie guest will be excited to come back for more and more….


4) Social Dining 

The Grazing Experience is the Ultimate Ice Breaker at Social Dinings. This is an amazing way how to get too know each other by gathering around the food table. If it is a Wedding reception or opening of a new gallery, the Grazing Experience will definitely help connecting people.


5) Portable Feasts 

We can create your Grazing table everywhere where table will stand straight. Is your party in the middle of woodlands or on top of office building without kitchen? Inside or outside? Not a problem.


6) Luxe For Less

Our table are luxurious and made only from finest ingredients. However, they are priced up very competitively so everybody can treat themselves with. Our Gazing tables are suitable for every event and budget.

Have a drink

at the bar

We at Grazing Table has broke the barriers again with our unique Rustic Wine Barrel Mobile Bar. Realising the importance of serving the guests with utmost warmth and respect, leading them into the comfortable and enjoyable ambience of the wedding. As a part of our service, we will provide remarkable wedding drinks to the guest. Our professional and extremely friendly staff will serve these drinks to the guest, not just to refresh but to keep the day rolling with some amazing drinks.




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