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For couples who have planned their own wedding but would like the peace of mind of having an experienced planner on-hand to ensure their wedding is executed flawlessly.


This is particularly beneficial for locations where there isn't a venue coordinator available on the day, for example church halls, marquees or newly established venues.

I will meet with you one month before your wedding date to finalise the timeline, walk through the decor brief, liaise with your suppliers and identify any     last-minute tasks to be undertaken. You will also receive full phone and email support in the week before the wedding to keep up to speed with any changes and deal with unexpected eventualities.   


  On the day itself I will be on-hand from the time the venue opens to the end of the first dance, to oversee the setup of both your ceremony and reception sites, coordinate the running order of the day ensuring all runs smoothly, on schedule and troubleshooting any potential problems on your behalf, allowing you to relax and enjoy the day with your guests. 

£500 +

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